Finally an alternative to WhatsApp,
an app with something more!

• Group chat
• Invite your friends to chat
• Private chat rooms with secret code

Start using aBeeChat, now!

The free app with something more

Choose which conversation to make private.
Share images, photos, videos and vocal messages with all of your friends.
Easy and intuitive layout.


Use your Internet connection or the wi-fi to send and receive messages from your friends, all over the world.


Switch from clear to private conversations typing the secret code. Choose the chat you want to hide from curious eyes.


Send and receive photos, videos and vocal messages. Share medias with your friends and choose what you want to save on your mobile phone.


Choose with which contacts you want share the app. Invite your friends to use aBeeChat.


Personalize your account with few steps. Add the profile photo and choose your username.


You will always get message notifications. Don't worry about private ones, they are completely anonymous!

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aBeeChat is a free messaging app developed for every type of smartphone and automatically encrypt all your messages. You can hide your private conversations and you will be the only one with the access key.

Features of aBeeChat

• Send text messages and media online .
• Save photos and videos on your smartphone.
• Turn your conversations into private.
• Set the secret code to access your private chats.
• Recover your secret code with a valid email address.
• Set message notifications.
• Cancel a whole conversation.
• Invite a contact to use aBeeChat.
• Check user's profile and status.
• Record videos and make pictures sending them in real time.